Some Notes on Project

  1. New project.

    1. To create a new project, click on the open project button .
    2. An open file dialog shld appear and the root project directory of WILDFIRE should be open. Click on the new folder button to create a project.
    3. Rename the newly created folder to the project name of your choice.
    4. Select the project folder and click open. This should create a new workspace and a drawing canvas should appear in WILDFIRE's main window.
  2. Open existing project.

    1. To open an existing project, click on the open project button .
    2. Select an existing project from the file dialog and click open. Note: The loading might take some time depending on the project size.
  3. Saving project.

    1. Make sure the to-be-saved project is in focused.
    2. Click on the save project button .
    3. A dialog should appear stating whether the save operation was successful.
  4. Building project.

    1. To build a project, make sure that the project workspace has at least a program.
    2. Click on the build project button and a script with name project.gel should be generated.

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