WILDFIRE is the graphical editor for our GEL (Grid Execution Language) workflow engine.

So we know a little about GEL, but what is WILDFIRE's role in this?
WILDFIRE helps the user to program GEL without coding lines in GEL. Its design is kept simple to prevent GEL illegal constructs from occuring. To bring the user up to speed, WILDFIRE also incorporates the EMBOSS suite of programs (only the definitions not the source), so the user can get a feel of composing GEL workflow in WILDFIRE.

To the advanced user, WILDFIRE has an editor to construct custom program and thus custom workflows. However this will be covered in another tutorial .


The WILDFIRE/GEL team in no particular order:

Francis Tang (QA), Ho Liang Yoong (Dirty work), Sebastian Ho (The extra hand), Arun Krishnan (Always demanding more dude, He also coined to the name).
WILDFIRE mainly uses:

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